[$APED] Mint 500,000 APED to bundle creator

Actionid: 0x4b34420054c5d4f37983c62c93a1e152b0a4994ef89760a68d959a1afd22ac4a

500,000 APED after minted to bundle creator will utilize whalerdao astrodrop to airdrop proportionally to existing APED holders

Hi there. I feel silly buying into things I know nothing about LOL but I did. I didnt buy much and really dont want to spend ETH to move it from 1 to 2. Im so clueless on what Im supposed to do with this. I thought I just let it sit for a few years and check on it once a year or so IDK, Didnt buy them to make money. just for fun. Just to see what happens really