$GT Actual governance action that will fail 👀

action id: 0x35c27fd0e6d155c57e30c765a4fde8147edab0740d348879bc238e800cd49e66

So I’ve got this async art layer that has been fractionalized, and I’m going to try and update the layer through NFT governance. Could be the first time ever for NFT governance. However, the txn in this proposal should fail because the layer in question hasn’t actually been transferred to the sharded wallet yet :slight_smile:

grrrrrrreat successs :boom:

edit: I ended up sending the layer into the wallet so the transaction went through

someone can give me some eth,tks; 0x78c0A25CcC21604B3D117100DE7c9523f53236C7

  • Is the governance of the testnet currently not up for a vote?

Hey, this was a governance proposal for a specific testnet NFT that is completed already. You can create new proposals on alpha.niftex.org/govern, we will have a blog post out soon to guide you